Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You will never regret to become a Certified Medical Qigong (Chi Kung) Self-Healing Instructor.

1, You can open Qigong Classes after you are Certified and teaching your students. Of course, earn extra Money!

2, You have learnt how to make body to be healthy through Medical Qigong (Chi Kung) Self-Healing practicing. So, you can keep your own to be healthy and teach your students or help your Family to be healthy.

Is this Make Money with Make Health?

you need money. You also need your body to be healthy. Health can make you enjoy your money and enjoy your happy life.  

This Correspondence Course will train you to become a Certified Medical Qigong Self-Healing Instructor.You will receive the training course 12 videos (MP4), 10 CDs (MP3) and learning books. Also You will receive a teaching package of teaching materials.

This program includes: 1) Three Basic Qigong Techniques 2) Five Movement Forms. 3) Qigong Relaxation. 4) Basic principles and philosophy. 5) Small Circle and Small Heaven (open channels,Ren and Du Mai). 6) Understanding of Qi and Qi flow.7)Basic  Qi Healing Techniques. 8) Special training for a Qigong Instructor.

These training class videos are life style.
You will feel you are insight the class 
while you are learning.

Students learning Medical Qigong Standing Form

Students learning Medical Qigong Meditation Form

First Certified Medical Qigong Instructors in 1995


This Certified Medical Qigong Self-Healing Instructor Training Course tuition was

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